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Need a game tape?

We have you covered.

You want to be there when they score the game-winning goal or run across that finish line. Not stuck behind a camera. At TapePlay, we make it easy for you to enjoy every moment of the game, knowing you'll have professional-quality footage of it all when it's over.

How it works. It's easier than you think.

step 1

Request a game.

Order at least 5 days before the game date.

step 2

Meet your videographer.

It's not required but say hello at the game.

step 3

Approve video.

Review your video 3 days after the game.

step 4

Upload & Share.

Seamlessly upload your video to TapePlay.

Pricing. Flat and simple.

We offer three affordable, fixed per-game pricing options. And we stand behind our products and services, offering a full refund for unsatisfactory tapes.

single game


* Recommended for up to a 3 hour game

single day


* Recommended for an all day tournament

full tournament


* Recommended for up to 3 days of play



* Custom quote needed

With each game tape, you receive:

  • A private link. Review, download or upload your video to
  • High-quality video. Standard HD 1280 x 720 pixel video
  • Fast turnaround. Video edits ready in 3 days
  • Accountability. Full refunds for unsatisfactory service or video
  • Convenience. We'll match a talented videographer for you
  • Collaboration. One round of edits with videographer

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